Fabiola's desire

Year: 2013/2014

Material: latex, leather, glass, metal

Collaboration: Esha Mlynarčíková

Web: www.fabiolinatuzba.tumblr.com


Establishment of the project began at discovering of man - George, whose to become a carpet. His greatest pleasures are the people who are walking on him. It is obsessed with that desire. Based on these facts, we created a fictive identity Fabiola, enabling just this satisfaction. Fabiola contains a latex costume, mask and leather fetish rollerskates with sticks that are used to fetish massage. After two years project transformed and our skills with latex was improve to different line of meaning. Fetish is becoming absurd part of the project which is secondary. Working with latex has shifted to making our own yardage and move to not only technological borders. We strive for complete installation that tells a story but also induces enjoyment for the viewer, who has the opportunity to become familiar with the material and objects as well as physically.