Glitch days


Year: 2015


Video titled Glitch Days is a sequel to the work of The Game of Secret and is also part of it. That during the development of the project I directed visuals to glitch style or video could not be avoided this way. The whole video is from frames, which are formed with the help of the program Processing and its mix codes that I modified for these purposes. The choice of music titled November fits perfectly into the concept of the video, as the whole event was launched in November to develop a rhythm abstract sphere sufficiently raised the whole situation in my favor in the concept.

Images formed with the help of glitch techniques were selected randomly. One of the images contains tags associated with the concept of the project, another part of the latest Analog Photography Lomography FishEye that were created during the last days of exgirlfriend, girlfriend current situation and the overall atmosphere and the last part of the digital photo.

Choosing glitch effect was not random, that it is still not fully publishable of thing still leaves himself in some magic and confidentiality. It's definitely a strain with pixels. This has led me to that I also modified the musical side of the projectand also gave it a certain deformation. Used tags were initially created in the program processing of random farebnostných and size combinations. As also was used to code glitch effect with whom I fiddled so I first pictures of tags and make gif. Which are also published on, as they are still part of the project. The most difficult part was to harmonize GIF files with music and then harmonizing together.

All animation is composed of over 1500 frames, and each frame has been created codes in processing.

The story line begins as "alfapandanavzdy" meaning tag which means "alpha panda forever." Alfa panda its one part of Sea Panda (morska panda = sea panda = From there, the whole story is intertwined tag as a story, the center consists mainly of photographs and end extends into abstraction compositions consisting of tags and photos. The whole composition and pasting frames was then created in Photoshop.

In the future this direction in making videos I want to continue, and above all to make rozframovanie and compositions formed in processing. Also try the possibility of the entire video directly created with Processing. View all work..