Magical of action 2

Year: 2014

Collaboration: Helena Ťapajnová

Photography: Filip Beránek, Filip Kartousek

Material: glass/simax, mirrors


The authors of the whole concept are Helena Ťapajnová and Ivana Zuskinová. The basic leitmotif of installation are senses, such as smell, sight and touch. They are interconnected rainbow spectrum, which is based on the internal stress of the glass. This affects its quality and also causes rupture. The naked eye can not see, however, you must use the principle of polarimetry.

Visuality voltage / rainbow spectrum is reflected in all parts of the installation. The other form is a fragrance extracted in small flasks. Mirror reflection creates otherwise invisible spectrum and bubble blower delivers smell in bubbles in space. Installing the in elicit feelings dreaming. Shaped basic elements of individual products are circle, triangle and curve. These pillars are the building installations.

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