Magical action 3

Year: 2015

Collaboration: Matyáš Hruška, Jiří Liška, Michaela Spružinová

Photography: Andrii Kononstev

Material: glass, simax, monitors, pc, plexiglass, polarisation, glasses


Magic action is site-specific installation for the gallery Artatak in Prague. The project alleging from permanent stress in transparent materials, such as glass, plastic or others similar materials.

This phenomenon uses a method called polarimetry to determine the internal stress and its distribution in glass or plastic products and to control their quality. In practice, this method through polarimetric film which is made before the product and using the light from the monitor check risk areas. Single images responsive to install facilities. They are assembled from ready-made products such as Durit glass, cellophane tape, rulers, tempered glass and the like. Everyday life and ordinariness of the everyday products, accentuates contrast. This is achieved by polarimetry, who plays the role of added value in the form of radiation.

The goal of the project is to extend the application of existing technologies transparent materials such as glass, plastic or the like. Although we originally glassmakers (Ivana Zuskinová, Matyáš Hruška, Jiří Liška, Michaela Spružinová), do not try to hold Czech craft traditions, but rather undermines the boundaries of perception of traditional material. Our work to responde to the current trends in the visual arts.View all work..