Offline Object

Year: 2016

Material: latex, glass, metal

Corporation: Esha Mlynarčíková


One year which I spent in Corfu began important in my work. Sketches, pictures, gifs or videos from there are published via my own blog or "online laboratorium" After this internship I realised that my blog works and ilustrations will not stay only in 2D form. My blog became one part of myself and still after three years I work with this identity. But the really important moment was the time in Corfu. Published parts and stories showed situations, my new skills in technologies and discovering new options. Year in Corfu left behind strong feeling, memories and experiences that after coming back became my inspiration for future work, especially for diploma work. The most important part of inspiration from Corfu began my new relationship with the sea, which is something like pattern for installation, graphic or objects.

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