Perfume as identity

Year: 2013

Material: glass/simax, parfumes, leather, shoemaker nites, metal


Memories like perfumes from childhood were put to jewerlies. I don't have some pictures or some other documents/media from my childhood (especially 0-3 years). So I spent my childchood with niece (she was 3),again. Everything what happend in this time i did like parfume. For example we spend a lot of time with dog and my perfume smell like food for dogs. The next parfume is from family event when everything smell so sweet because my nephew had birthday. For second memorie i gave smell like cake. My last perfume began at the nursery where everything smell so clean and from child tea. So this perfume was from softly tea. Shapes were inspired by the situations and sketches from my niece. All perfumes from moments i put to small objects (test-tubes) and next mixed to big object (laboraty glass - SIMAX) which is metaphor and ship bethween my and niece childhood. View all work..