Video Iannis Xenakis / Phitoprakta


Year: 2015


The concept of the video is created 3D visual composition of Xenakis Registration tracks. His fascinating manuscript and method of making, fascinated me so much that even the visual aspect of the song is quite charming.

I decided a 3D object limber by Xenakis precision work. Leave a sense of confusion and at the same time not to exceed the logical mathematical projections. Create a sense of space in which there is no freedom of simple passage feelings.

At first I was transferred to a 3D shape with the help of the program Rhinoceros 3D object and divided into parts according to the composition as follows. Subsequent importing into Keyshot, which help me to rendering and animation creation. During this process, I was creating a composition consisting of frames in different forms.

As Xenakis`s music works quite cold and impersonal, the experimental site is inexhaustible inspiration for various abstract compositions and visual aspects. The building contains a number of possible materials from marble through the glass to the etched glass. Subsequent treatment of frames and compositions were created in Photoshop. View all work..