Glitch Performance with Roisin


Year: 2015


Video created with glitch realization of graphic editing. Working in Photoshop is for me a new dimension to the implementation glitch videos that are recorded directly in the process. Glitch arises as a bug . Through this process, I was inspired to form video.

Often at work I turned on the music and each movement is somehow unconsciously influenced by just selecting the music. By leaving glitch in motion remains in graphics editing I started to work with video and performance together. It could be called as a "glitch dance" to music. During the process of an interesting shape and always during a particular music I try and control the visual glitch, not just random error evaluation. The movements are formed in the sensational music, during which there is a video glitch directly in Photoshop.

That it is a process, letting the music in the original context during the process, not adjusted for better quality.

The video file name is always the name of the artist of music. In this particular case it is Roisin Murphy songs Pensiero Stupendo. The video is a sequel concept Glitch Days, which takes place "love story" where first time I used the process or processing glitch. Types Pensiero stupendo contains just text that reflects my situation. It takes place in the situation of "lovers triangle".

The visual aspect of the video is embedded in a circle symbolizing as a "vicious circle." The basic pattern that does not change is cut from the previous glitch . Subsequently, it is the next geometrical figure which varies as the visual and as shape the site. View all work..