Year: 2014

Material: glass/simax, copper sulfate


The project was created a deliberate way to Romania in the summer of 2013 goals were fortune-tellers that we documented with Lucia Sekerková and Nikola Luzarová. When "visits" fortune teller we can see and experience the diverse rituals of a happy life. For some use processes such as burning brooms (determination of whether a person is good), reformulation elixir of happiness, molten metal rods that are against impotence, reputed sickle at the feet of a person with epilepsy to cure diseases, ...  Whether it is really a prophecy fulfilled rituals or work, not my journey of discovery and resolution of issues. That many people believe the above mentioned rituals and believe real life improve with the help of divination and various talismans, made me think how I can bring happiness to my family and loved ones, thanks to the Romanian journey and that too I can spiritually enrich the material through the people around me. With my family and acquaintances outside of contemporary life in Zlin communicating more or less using the Internet. That expected for their holiday, meeting personal contact after which the leave memories I want to remember the moment thanks to a talisman that will slowly build up over time as a memory in the mind of man. View all work..