Magical of action 1.

Year: 2014

Material: plexiglass, metal, polarisation foil

Collaboration: Michaela Spružinová, Matyáš

Hruška, Jiří Liška, Lucie Bindíková


Magical of action 1 is site-specific installation based on constant tension in transparent materials such as glass, plastic, etc.. This causes the other optical properties. This gives rise to birefringence, which is directly proportional to the internal voltage. If the internal stresses in the material increases, crack or shatter. This effect uses a method called polarimetry to determine the internal stress and its distribution in glass or plastic products and to control their quality. In practice, we use this method in the form of polarimetric film that is presented before using the product and illumination of the monitor check risk areas. This is in material such as glass or plastic reflected through wide color spectrum (rainbow). This technology is the design of the glass is very important. View all work..